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Related Arts

Related Arts courses at Pineland Learning Center are intended to increase students’ awareness and appreciation of the fine and performing arts and sciences. The lifelong skills in creative problem solving and critical thinking that students are exposed to within the Pineland Learning Center Related Arts courses extend beyond the classroom throughout a student’s lifetime. Students are introduced to a full range of ideas, skills and artistic means to challenge them intellectually and creatively. Research has shown that those students who study related arts increase their standardized test scores. The courses listed below add greatly to the total education experience of Pineland Learning Center students as they become inspired and contributing members of society. Learning experiences in the arts also contribute to the development of academic skills, including the areas of reading, language development and mathematics. At Pineland Learning Center, related arts projects are connected to the curriculum, and adapted to the individual skills and needs of the students.

Visual Arts (K-12)
Pineland Learning Center’s Visual Arts courses investigate various ways of linking ideas, language and theory to visual art while exploring its elements and principles. Students are introduced to rendering techniques for drawing and painting, basic two and three-dimensional design, and color theory. Emphasis is placed on the relationship of these art elements to the artist, their environment and the students’ individual creative expression. Pineland Learning Center believes the creative process is often therapeutic, providing a positive emotional release for students. Pineland Learning Center’s Fine Arts courses offer the use of a wide range of materials and hands-on processes for the students to employ and explore to the best of their abilities.

Performing Arts (Music, K-8)
Performing Arts experiences are essential to the comprehensive education of all students. At Pineland Learning Center, students are presented with numerous balanced and sequential opportunities rooted in the National Standards for Music Education and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Through the use of an integrated pedagogical approach inclusive of Carl Orff, Zoltán Kodály, and Émile Jaques-Dalcroze, students receive an introduction to the fundamentals of music theory and its appreciation, along with the development of individual and ensemble performance skills. Pineland Learning Center offers the opportunity for all students to achieve their maximum potential while attaining the knowledge base that leads to a life-long love and appreciation for music. Each ensemble performs a repertoire representing diverse genres and styles from various periods and cultures during themed concerts. The General Music program for Pineland Learning Center sets high expectations and provides strong support for participation and achievement by all students.

Physical Education Dance Experience
The students at Pineland Learning Center love and need to move. They learn through engagement of the whole self. They take in information through multisensory processes that are directly addressed and fostered through dance. The power of dance inherently promotes lifelong learning, complex learning, effective communicating, compassion, aesthetic awareness, collaboration skills, responsible citizenship, and career readiness within students. The Pineland Learning Center dance curriculum focuses on student learning through movement that develops bodily skill and kinesthetic awareness. It outlines the elements of dance through movement activities inclusive of time, space, and energy. Strategies are described to help the learner discover how dance fits into one’s own life, the lives of others, and reveals the historical and cultural perspectives that connect humanity. At Pineland Learning Center. Dance is a special program for students. Throughout each year, classes learn the basic movements and steps of a variety of dance styles. Students become attuned to the music, memorize steps, demonstrate social grace, develop awareness of their interactions with others, explore movement in new ways, and learn to cooperate with each other. Pineland Learning Center works in conjunction with Estilo Dance Studio in Philadelphia, and participates in an annual showcase under the direction of Ms. Kathleen Eccleston!

Outdoor Science (K-12)
Pineland Learning Center’s Outdoor Science program is an exclusive, unique component of the science curriculum. We utilize our 63 acres of woods, fields and streams consisting of uplands, lowlands and wetlands to support student discovery through this exceptional program. Students learn about local and global environmental issues through hands-on experiences and off-campus learning trips with academic and cultural knowledge embedded in all activities. Pineland Learning Center’s outdoor educational environment is used as a foundation for genuine project-based learning. This educational approach which emphasizes hands-on activities, the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, student initiative, and integrated academic disciplines is thoroughly realized through the performance based endeavors of our outdoor science curriculum. Outdoor science utilizes the abundance of state parks and forests found throughout our region to stimulate curiosity for students in new fields that could potentially lead to careers such as, environmental educator, environmental engineer, environmental lobbyist, museum curator, naturalist, or parks ranger. Students at Pineland Learning Center learn how to be better stewards of our environment.

Driver’s Education (9-12, age dependent)
Teenage drivers in New Jersey must work through a graduated driver licensing program to become fully licensed, beginning with a student permit. This permit will allow students to complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction. At Pineland Learning Center we assist our students to begin this process by providing the required driver’s education program to have a student learner’s permit validated. This allows our students to practice driving for 6 months with adult supervision. Pineland Learning Center’s Driver’s Education course emphasizes personal and social safety and the efficient operation of a motor vehicle. New drivers learn perceptual skills and decision-making abilities that enable them to successfully cope with driving situations. Students learn the rules and laws of New Jersey in preparation of the provisional driver’s written exam, when eligible.

Comprehensive Health and Physical Education (K-12)
Pineland Learning Center believes that the purpose of a quality physical education program is to guide students in the process of becoming health-conscious and physically active for a lifetime. Physical education is a component of instruction that takes place through movement. In health and Physical Education, as in all academic areas, students must learn the basic skills which require practice and refinement in an appropriate education setting. Students then integrate and apply the learned skills in health and physical education to their everyday life. Consequentially, numerous benefits result from participating in a quality health and physical education program such as: learning how to live an active and healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, skill development, improved physical fitness, inter-curricular reinforcement, goal setting, self-discipline, leadership, and cooperation, stress reduction, enhanced self-efficacy, and strengthened peer relationships. The health and physical education setting at Pineland Learning Center also provides a unique opportunity for students to develop an understanding and respect for differences among people. Cultural and global awareness is enhanced through participation in physical activity. Through regular participation in health and physical education, students have the opportunity to develop a pattern of life-enhancing and self-rewarding experiences that contribute to their potential to be healthy Pineland Learning Center citizens. The Pineland Learning Center Health and Physical Education curriculum is based on the National and New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the National Association of Sports and Physical Education (NASPE).


- World Autism Awareness Event
10-14 - National Volunteer Week
11 & 12 - School Play
14-21 - School Closed - Spring Break
24 - Earth Week
28- Early Dismissal (12:30)


8-12 - Special Education Week
11 & 12 - Skills Show Presentation
26 - Author's Celebration
29- School Closed - Memorial Day