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Darwyn Minor

Student Admissions
Velvet Allen

School Nurse
Kathleen Goldy


District Anti-Bullying Coordinator:

District Anti-Bullying Specialist:
Derrick Minor


Bus or Transportation Issues

Any bus or transportation issues should be directed to the sending district and/ or bus company.



Pineland Learning Center Mission Statement

Pineland Learning Center seeks to educate and empower students in a structured, safe, and supportive environment through a cooperative partnership with caregivers, sending school districts, and the community. Our individualized program values diversity and promotes independence and growth to transform our students into flexible, self-reliant, and productive lifelong learners prepared to meet the challenges of a dynamic global society.

Core Beliefs & Values

At Pineland Learning Center, we believe:

  • In enrolling families, not just students.
  • In fostering a culture of collaboration, trust, and shared responsibility.
  • That all behavior, no matter how challenging, can be changed.
  • In knowing and understanding our students.
  • In having all eyes, all ears, on all students at all times.
  • In removing barriers to success.
  • In empowering students and building their confidence.
  • That teaching to the whole child is critical for success.
  • In being flexible by adapting to changing needs.
  • That every problem has a solution.

We believe that our staff will:

  • Put students first.
  • Model appropriate behavior.
  • Provide students with a well-rounded educational experience.
  • Cultivate an environment denoted by mutual respect.
  • Consider each student’s individual strengths and needs.
  • Be lifelong learners, committed to professional growth and development.

We believe that our students will:

  • Thrive in a safe, structured environment.
  • Learn and grow despite any challenges or difficulties.
  • Be accountable for their behavior.
  • Develop problem solving, coping, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Become empowered to advocate for themselves
  • Understand how to build lasting relationships and connections.


- World Autism Awareness Event
10-14 - National Volunteer Week
11 & 12 - School Play
14-21 - School Closed - Spring Break
24 - Earth Week
28- Early Dismissal (12:30)


8-12 - Special Education Week
11 & 12 - Skills Show Presentation
26 - Author's Celebration
29- School Closed - Memorial Day